My name is Savanna Champagne and I’m a traveling, 23 year old teacher lady trying not to vomit on this post-grad life roller coaster.

This blog is a fun way of keeping my friends and family updated and to document the travel.

Things could get personal. They could get ugly. I can only hope that this window into my strange life provides you with some sort of entertainment, because life’s a ride and I’m a hands up and scream kinda girl.


One thought on “Home

  1. Catie Faucher says:

    Savanna, I absolutely love reading your blogs and I am glad you write them! You are such a talented and hilarious writer, but in a style that us non-english majors can understand and enjoy reading. You definitely should one day take all your travel blogs and publish them…you know once you have South Korea, Europe and India under your belt too (and of course not forgetting your already traveled Africa blogs)!! It sounds like a big transition, but an amazing transition that you are loving. I hope it gets easier for you day by day! Thank you for writing these!

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