Excuse Me Miss (Spoken Word)

My life is one big misunderstanding,

one big miscommunication.

Mistakes and missed chances,

misled and misread glances.


And it’s no mystery that I miss him but I took a misstep or a miss-turn

and I missed out and now I just want to rip the word “miss”

away from everything in my life.


I want to fix the prefix.

Take it in my fingers and squish it together, stretch the M until its capital

and put it back into my sentences with just a little




Then’ll I’ll be a Miss who understands, a Miss who communicates.

I’ll be a Miss who takes and a Miss who chances,

A Miss who leads and a Miss who reads glances.

I’ll be a Miss who steps and a Miss who turns,

I’ll be a Miss who’s out and a Miss who’s learned…


learned that maybe you can’t just fix the prefix.

Or force the words to remix.

Let the letters snap back together, unclench my fist,

turn around and smile when they say…excuse me Miss?


Engineered Beauty



of life is based on

heritable information

in the form of


Each of us began

   as a single cell. We are

     arranged in precise sequences

        with specific meanings.

We are

     chemical reactions.

    Transmitted copies. Tools.

We are trillions of cells of ability

and encoded information.


that generate growth.

An alphabet of inheritance.

    Catalyze the building of us.

Muscles and results.

Blue-prints stained

by blue-glowing

dye –


You can see the

 continuity of


in your blood,

for example.

Humans or




Soft kisses to the temple,

light traces over

veins that are

running rivulets on wrists,

with lips

or fingertips.


You let me fall asleep on you

at the Museum of Science

for twenty minutes.

And I bought you gloves

for your runs outside

this fall.


My world is

deep reds and soft yellows.

And I never mind the cold as much.


Like flowing water over limestone

sometimes the slightest of touches

leave the deepest grooves.

And I surrender to the quiet love

that is soft kisses to the temple,

light traces over

veins that are

running rivulets on wrists,

with lips

or fingertips.

The Zoo In Me


There’s an owl in my eyes,

there’s a monkey in my feet,

there’s a dragon in my bones,

and a bear heart keeping beat.


There’s a bird song in my throat,

there’s a lion in my locks,

there’s an elephant in my march,

and my strength is from the ox.


There’s a tiger in my teeth,

there’s a lemur in my dance,

there’s a fruit bat in my ears,

and a she-wolf in my stance.


There’s a menagerie in me,

and all these parts that you see,

I am them and they are free,

to roam my soul with all its trees.