Beondegi Anyone?

Yesterday I went on a hike with some friends from school and someone they knew from church. Peter, as he’s called, has been living in and out of Korea for quite some time, so he was more than comfortable getting around and best of all, he spoke Korean. There’s nothing like having a tour guide you can blindly follow. We hopped on a couple buses and walked through some Bucheon neighborhoods until we found the mountain(s) we were looking for. It was a beautiful, 75 degree Saturday afternoon and everything was green green green.

City View2 Mountain Selfie

mountain selfie ^^


Afterwards we walked back into Bucheon and Peter kept leading the way. I started getting concerned though when he would ask,”Okay, left or right, who wants to choose?” But turns out even without much of a planned route he knew where we were going. And eventually we found ourselves at the Hans river where we enjoyed a little jazz music and the views. And the street food. Sorta.

Hans River bugs2

Beondegi or silk worms.



Eight hours of exploring with good company. It was a little slice of adventure exactly when I needed it.



P.S. How cute is my cactus though?



One thought on “Beondegi Anyone?

  1. Fran says:

    Sounds fun and beautiful (except for the wormy thing). Lots to see over there, keep walking and see it all. 🙂

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