Just Bow A Little

It’s Papa Joe’s birthday!

His one wish was a blog post and some pictures of Korea. I’m know I’m a lucky girl to have such a close relationship with my father. This one’s for you.

Another week (almost) down! School has been hectic, lots of scheduling and such. We are almost there though, almost comfortable with the way things run. My kindy and I are ever bonding. I love them to pieces.

The weather is improving and so is my apartment (sort of?). Everything takes time. Tonight I ran on the green path at the big park near my apartment and used the outdoor gym. Old Korean men battled in chess on nearby benches and little fluffy dogs sporting vests sniffed around, as I swung my legs on an elliptical or pretended to do sit-ups.

I have been stopping more and more at the local vendors, smiling and pointing at whatever doesn’t appear to have tentacles. I’m searching craiglist’s for a bike. Just, normal life stuff. You know, in Korea.

I’ve started mimicking the small head bows as I thank someone for my coffee or groceries or …actually any interaction in general. Just bow a little.

And finally, I took some videos so you could see a some of Bucheon for yourself. Only to remember that my free version of wordpress doesn’t allow videos on my posts. Nice.

Dad, give me time. I’ll consider buying the premium WordPress plan when I get paid. Or maybe I’ll just post to facebook.

Meanwhile, here’s this one photo of my school:


Weird right? 5th floor. Yeah don’t be late to work or else risk being squished in an elevator with 15 kindergartner’s in yellow jumpsuits and green backpacks (Kid’s College attire). You don’t know the half of it.

Until next time.




One thought on “Just Bow A Little

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like you are settling in and doing things to make yourself happy. I am in awe of your strength . Big hug and a little head bow from me to you 🙂

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