Seoul Mates

Last night I took a chance and went out to Seoul. One of my co-workers, a girl my age, was meeting up with a friend and invited me to come along to a night out in the third largest city in the world.

I gotta be honest I almost said no. But when I got the invite I was skyping my girlfriend Amanda, “What are you gunna do instead?” she asked. And like a good friend she further talked me into going and even helped me pick out an outfit. Ah, it was almost like college again.

It was an awesome night. We took a bus into Seoul for two bucks and then rode the subway further in. It didn’t take very long because Bucheon is quite close. I also bought my own subway card, which is re-chargeable and can be used to pay for the subway, bus, AND taxis. Look at me go.

About the subways in South Korea: They’re super modern and clean. I loved it. You have no idea. There were also little shops all through out, vendors selling everything from purses to on-the-go waffles. As our friend Vanessa put it, “Subway shopping is the absolute best”.

We got off at Noksapyeong station and wah-la! We were in Itaewon.

The city was alive on a crisp Saturday night. We walked up side streets and alleys with every kind of restaurant imaginable. You want Greek or Egyptian? How about pizza or Thai? Kimbap or Toast Monster (grilled cheese galore)? “What about that South African place?” the girls asked each other. Oh yeah, I was totally up for a good ole’ fashion braii.

We passed by a large U.S. military base which Vanessa explained was part of the reason so many foreigners were in this area. People, people everywhere.

We ate, we barhopped, we danced. I played fooseball with strangers and watched Koreans shake it to Whitney Houston. I met South Africans from Stellenbosch (!?!), aspiring Korean film makers and Canadian English teachers.

As we dashed through the city I straggled behind my group, taking it all in, thrilled to be there and for the first time since arriving, remembering again why I travel.

Gamsahabnida, Seoul. Thank you, Seoul.




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