Pho Funny

On Monday night I believe it was, I went out to dinner with some of my co-workers. Two of them have been in Korea for a year or more so they know the ropes. We went to a restaurant called Pho Bay. I know that pho is traditionally Vietnamese but whatever, they have it here and we went. Feeling adventurous I got the seafood pho. It turned out to be a bit spicy and also had a baby purple squid in it but I mean, what are you gunna do?

So here I am casually eating my seafood pho which most of you know is noodle soup. Koreans eat with metal chopsticks. That’s their silverware. So it’s a bit tricky but I’m making it work until all of a sudden the long, thick, slippery noodles slip off my chopsticks and splash into the soup, and spicy seafood pho flies recklessly into the air and right into…yep. My eye.

You can imagine the scene from there. I recovered but spent the rest of the evening with one droopy ass, flaming red eyeball.

Jesus why do I even try.



2 thoughts on “Pho Funny

  1. says:

    oh you just Made my day!!! too funny!! love your blog!! keep it coming! Praying for you everyday with my whole class!!! Quoting

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