The Beginning

Well, here we go again.

Two summers ago after my return from South Africa I obviously had the bug. The itch. I couldn’t shake the wanderlust, the carpe diem, the journey jitters. I was an adventure addict, a rambling man (girl) with explorer’s fever and the trekking tickle. (Okay I made that one up).

I wanted traveling to be apart of my life. This wasn’t new but it was now a solid concept and goal and so I set about to make it happen.

With student loans looming, I needed to find a way to travel responsibly. I needed a job. Fortunately, one of the easiest and most common ways of traveling long term is by teaching.

Side note- I have a bachelor’s degree in English writing and recently obtained my teaching license in MA. I love teaching, I’m good at it, I have plenty of experience.

Enter South Korea. It takes five minutes and a couple clicks to figure out Korea is the sweetest deal out there for foreign teachers: paid airfare, housing accommodation and a decent salary. But more than that, I found Korea to be the most welcoming, totally unique and a perfect starting place for my ESL teaching career.

It took me six months to get my work visa. Along the way I spoke to people who had done it, who are currently there now, and a lot of people who knew someone who knew someone who’s brother went and ended up staying five years. Everyone seemed to love it. While researching in the early stages there was one website that I kept going back to, Teach ESL Korea. They had a super organized site with hours of material to answer my every burning question. I chose them as my recruiter company.

Through the company I ended up signing a contract with Kids College, a Korean Hagwon (private school) for exactly one year.

I took step after step to get to make this happen. To fulfill a dream, a goal, an ambition, and a desire to shake things up a bit.

Here we go again.



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