The Little Ones

The Little Ones

So I usually don’t blog or post about the volunteer work at the primary school in Kayamundi that we do each week, mostly because they asked us not to, or to keep it private. But this week was too fun, and I brought my camera along because I don’t know how many weeks are left and I want to remember their little faces. This week’s theme was “Safety” so we did a lesson on household safety and road safety. Although the kid’s names are difficult to pronounce, (a boy named “Lucky” being the only exception), we’ve spent enough time now to recognize their individual personality quirks and really begin forming bonds with them. “Teachah! Teachah!” they cry and tug on my hand to show me just how well they can Hokey Pokey. They are bright eyed and beautiful, teaching me more about life than I am teaching them, as children can so often do.


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