Happy Saturday

Saturday morning my roommates and I biked twenty minutes down the road to a weekly outdoor market. It was a gorgeous day, music played in the background as we ambled along the lines of kiosks, in a crowd with moms and dads and children, families of Stellenbosch instead of the usual masses of university students. There were so many fun booths with clothes and jewelry and crafts.

But let’s be honest- there was only once place you could find me. And that was where the food was. Food on food on food.  Freshly baked rolls of bread, every flavor of cheese, olive oils and pesto, chicken pies and samosas, fresh lemonade and fruit smoothies, chocolate cupcakes and slices of cheesecake.

Oh my.


My tactic: walk through the entire market, taste samples and use every ounce of self-control not to buy anything. Only after you’ve seen every possible stand, go back to the beginning and then ….good luck choosing.

 I had a ball. Afterwards I sat on the picnic tables with a perfect view of the vineyards and Stellenbosch Mountain, licking the chocolate frosting off my fingertips, utterly content. 


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