Cape of Good Hope

Last Sunday we went to Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point.

Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point had stunning views, and although they aren’t officially the southernmost tip of Africa…they are pretty darn close.

We walked up the pathways of the cliffs, up to the Lighthouse and other view points, with a strong wind whipping around us, making for those great awkward photos where you can’t see anyone’s face because they are eating their hair…..


 Also, Cape of Good Hope is where the legendary Flying Dutchman sailed, the phantom ship with the ghostly crew believed to be sighted during nasty storms. The Castaways of the Flying Dutchman was a favorite of mine when I was younger and here I was at the exact spot, imagining the deranged Van der Decken STILL trying to make it around the cape. Too cool.

 While we were there we got real up close and personal with the South African dassies, which are these weird little rabbits that are descendants of… elephants? Here’s a picture:Image

They were really calm and didn’t mind us humans, they live in the rocks of the mountains and cliffs. I was walking with my dear friend Nolan, who is like a really tall, football player kind of guy, when we came to a “viewing spot” on the cliff. It has these little rock walls and a bench to take pictures. Nolan didn’t notice the pretty big dassie chilling on the wall, right next to him. But I did. My eyes were as big as saucers and when he finally noticed the creature sitting next to him he shouted and jumped a mile, which in turn made the dassie jump a mile. Poor Nolan was clutching his chest like a heart attack victim while I fell to the ground in laughter. Ah, South Africa, I love you. 



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