Yesterday we went to the Holi One festival in Cape Town. View of Table Mountain on one side, Cape Town city sky scrapers on the other. 10,000 people. 12 hours. Rage.
It’s a festival of colors originating from India and the Hindu’s religious celebration of Krishna and spring time. This was the first time it came to the Mother City and there was so much hype. You buy paint/powder packets at the front for about 2 bucks, bars and food kiosks line the outer edges, and there’s a stage up front where the DJs perform. Every hour on the hour there is a countdown and the masses take a handful of powder and let it fly. The result is an explosion of color that completely engulfs you, blotting out the sky and creating a hazy world of reds and blues and greens. The powder swirls and rains and twirls. And you dance along with it in the middle of the crowd. In the middle of Cape Town. In South Africa. Rage.

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