Cederberg Mountains

Sorry for the delay of posts! With classes and school work picking up and a little camping on the side, blogging was temporarily put on the back burner. But tonight I’ve got some time so let’s see what the latest shenanigans I can share with you are….

Camping in Cederberg.

Pack your bags! T-shirts, shorts, sunscreen, water bottles, sneakers, snackie dackies for the ride (as Mama H would put it), ipods, sunglasses, bandaids…

This past Friday all 28 of us in the AIFS program, (25 girls, 3 boys) said goodbye to Stellenbosch for the weekend and headed into the mountains.  The four hour ride consisted of wide open landscapes of South Africa whipping by our windows accompanied by the occasional ostrich, donkey, zebra or….baboon. Three hours later on the highway our vans slowed and took a turn onto a dirt road that led straight into the mountains. Mountains on mountains on mountains. Farther and farther we went, deeper into the mountains until we stopped in the middle of absolutely nowhere, with only the looming rocky peaks keeping us company.

The weekend was a combination of hiking adventures and quiet moments in the sunshine. It felt good to be away. Nothing to do but explore or relax or just be.

On Saturday the group hiked Wolfberg Cracks. It was so unique and unlike anything in Massachusetts. There were no trees, only rocks and low bushes. We hiked in the shade of the mountain, going up and up and up and looking back to see just how high we climbed, our views completely unobstructed. Then at the top, or close to it, we climbed into the cracks of the rocks. Up, over, around, through- we shimmed and scaled and crawled.

We stopped and ate sandwiches in the middle of a cave on top of a mountain. Sandwiches! In a cave! On top of a mountain! Absolutely wonderful.

p.s. here’s a baboon anecdote just for fun:

Hestea told us that one semester while the group was out wine tasting she was at the cabins on “baboon duty”.  She had put her fake plastic snakes out and was just relaxing outside when a baboon came moseying on over to the site looking for food… She told us that once the baboon got close it spotted one of the snakes (the bright red one) and it was SO frightened that it fainted. Bam. Done. Out cold. Baboon down.  We were all in stitches as she played out the story, telling us that she eventually threw a piece of wood at the poor thing till it came to and took off.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately…whichever way you want to look at it) no baboons came down to bother us during the weekend. We only saw them from a distance. The sign in our cabin said “Please keep all windows and doors locked to keep Baboons from entering”. And I’ll admit I was tempted to leave mine open just a hair…

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