Hallo, my naam is Fransien. Ek praat Afrikaans!

First day of school! First day of school! Please imagine me zipping around like Nemo in the sea anemone. It’s been so long since I’ve been in class!  My friends at High Point are already a full month in. I had my first beginner’s Afrikaans class today. After going over the syllabus (yes, sadly they have those here too) we started learning conversational Afrikaans immediately.

Die klaskamer – The classroom

Die lekker uitsig! – The sweet view (The classroom did have an awesome view of the mountains and Stellenbosch)

Baie Dankie!- Thank you!

Plesier! -Pleasure! Or you’re welcome!

Bly te kenne!- Nice to meet you!

 And my favorite part…because who doesn’t love getting a new name in a language class…. I was newly christened “Fransien” muahahaha


The class was very participatory which fits me to a tee. More new classes commence tomorrow, Totsiens! 


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