The Braai

Today is the first rainy day in Stellenbosch since we’ve arrived, it’s cool and overcast and kind of refreshing.

Since I’ve last written I have thrown a South African braai, got my ear pierced and missed the last train from Cape Town to Stellenbosch. I found a newt in my bathtub, ate crepes made by my French neighbors and had dance parties in the kitchen with my roommates. So it goes.


Outside the residence buildings or in the courtyard all around campus there are fire pits and grills for the students to use. Almost every night people are out there grilling and drinking, sometimes it’s a crowd and there’s music, sometimes it’s just a few friends. These gatherings are called braais (pronounced br-ah-ee) and they are a South African tradition. It’s kind of like a barbeque. Except cooler. We have been to a few and it’s been a great way to meet new people. With Tanner, our resident Braai Master, on board, my roommates and I decided to have one. On the menu:  steak, sausages, hamburgers, ostrich burgers, chicken…… the crowd grew and it seemed everyone was out there that night bringing a little something different.

We feasted. We drank wine and chatted about anything and everything.  We braai-ed.

And yes I tried the ostrich burger. Delicious.


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