The First Day

So it’s been a little “hectic” (a very popular adjective here in S.A., used to describe anything and everything). After being moved into the dorms I had absolutely no internet or phone for the past seven days. Yeesh, talk about being unplugged. It was nice though, really gave me some time to get acclimated here. When I first got to the hotel I was honestly a mess. But it was to be expected. I had been traveling for 24 hours and was quite literally, all alone and a world away from my home. I couldn’t remember why I had chosen to do this. Wait a minute, why did I leave that safe place with all the people I love again? Someone please explain.  But then I took a shower, made a friend and went for a walk. And I was reminded how a little sunshine can do a lot of good. One step at a time.


Janien is the program student advisor that has been contacting us and making arrangements for our stay. She is a native of Stellenbosch and she picked up me and a couple other students in the program. When I introduced myself she laughed and said “Yeah I know, we’ve been laughing about your name. Not to be rude or anything.” My face got confused and she explained “Well “Savanna” is the name of a very popular alcoholic drink around here, and well Champagne……” ah yes. The hotel clerk starts laughing too and says “Oh you are gunna hear that a lot I bet”.

Later that day she took us to a local pub where her boyfriend works. I ordered a savanna. It was delicious if I do say so myself. Welcome to South Africa, cheers!


One thought on “The First Day

  1. Fran McCluskey says:

    You are doing it because it is your destiny to explore the world and all it’s places and people. You will look back some day on this experience and say “I am so thankful I had the guts to do this all by myself”. You are young, smart and independent. This is your time, your destiny!

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